Escaping violent encounters: How to break a 2-handed choke hold

Using defensive tactics developed specifically for first responders, Kip Teitsort demonstrates how to escape from a two-handed choke hold

Uploaded by FR1video February 21, 2014
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This was extremely helpful. I work in a Psychiatric Emergency Room, and most training is directed at containing patients' behavior without impeding their rights, not at protecting the provider. As docs we get very little training on appropriate self defense. We have an exceptional security team dedicated to CPEP, but there are always those few seconds before security can get to one. This is most helpful.. I will pass it on.
clionamac1 March 04, 2014 Report Abuse
Had an awesome time in this class. Not only did they teach us how to escape someone trying to hurt us. They also showed us when it was appropriate to apply different levels of force. The tactics they teach can be applied it varied situations and encounters.
pnunan March 03, 2014 Report Abuse
If your department hasn't signed up for the full course under the guys at DT4 EMS then you are truely missing out. The staff and instructors are very energetic and very passionate about their work. Lil angle the gang take this course very serious and give you many pointers on how to avoid and even escape a violent encounter. This was certaintly one of the best and most enjoyable and handles on class we have gotten to take. Highly recommend it!!! Steven, Central Crossing Fire Protection District
ccfd127 March 02, 2014 Report Abuse
I attended a class at our state fire school that was provided by Kip & DT4EMS. Needles to say I was amazed, shocked & hooked. As a Chief, I ended up bringing him to our department. Our members say this is the best training we have ever offered. Very eye opening & well worth the investment!
ccfd40 March 02, 2014 Report Abuse

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